Hire Me

software developer
  • Do you need a back end developer ?
  • Do you want some custom software development?
  • Do you need some consulting advice on design and architecture of backend ?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, I say let’s work together! 

(Quick note: In case you don’t want to go through the whole “why you should work with me” spiel and would prefer to talk to me directly, you can directly use the contact form or post a comment on my blog, I will reach out for sure.

How can I help?

I help my clients to build, debug & write clean, scalable backend services, In more concrete terms, I offer my expertise in the following technologies :

My Technology Skills :

• Languages: Java, Scala & Elm
• Framework &Libraries: Spring/Spring Boot, Hibernate, Apache Solr, Apache NLP, Spark & Hadoop etc.
• Databases : MySQL, DB2, H2, MongoDB etc.
• Caching: Redis, Memcached, HazelCast, Apache Ignite.
• Queueing: Active MQ, RabbitMQ , Apache Kafka
• Build Tools : Ant, Gradle, Maven
• Version Control: Git, SVN, CVS
• Operating Systems: Ubuntu, Windows